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Is Direct Mail Marketing Worth It?

Its value has been proven by companies small and large for almost a century.

Direct mail is among the oldest and most effective marketing channels. It has been successfully used by a number of industries for over a century. Though sometimes viewed as obsolete or too expensive in the age of online marketing channels, direct mail still provides one of the highest and most reliable returns on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel—when done correctly. LL365 leverages technology, design, and integration with to provide you with an integrated easy method to market to your target audience with direct mail.

Find your targets with our advanced technology platform
LL365 has automated the process of data collection, personalization, and verification to provide you with reliable and relevant information in real time. This avoids problems such as high list acquisition cost, list saturation and bad data.
Create amazing marketing materials with our modern design center
After you have data on your tagets, our design center allows you to easily create a library of flyers and promotions so you can effectively market to your leads.
Easily print postage right from your office or home with
Our software seamlessly ties into to provide hassle free workflow. Quickly and easily get USPS rates to make sure the best service option is always available.
Now you’re on your way to adding Direct Mail to your marketing mix.

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