Local Leads 365 delivers quality, accurate leads in REAL TIME.

Your business no longer needs to rely on the out-of-date, irrelevant, stale leads you get from your current sources. When you use our platform, you can expect to receive the latest, highest quality leads in real-time, 365 days a year, to help identify prospective customers before your competitors do.

LL365 is New England’s 1st automated platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads specifically for the home service industry. Our mission is to make it easy for home service companies to grow their businesses with new, accurate, and quality leads.

LL365's lead automation platform includes tools for new home acquisition lookup, direct mail campaigns, direct mail lead activity tracking, lead management, and new home analytics.

With LL365, you can expect:

Increase in new sales opportunities

Savings from your direct mail budget

Reduction in lead costs

Improvement in lead conversion rates

Our history

Local Leads 365 is a product of Gibbs Software Solutions Gibbs Software Solutions is a boutique local custom software development company located in Braintree MA.