Local Leads 365 makes it easy to track homeowner improvement projects and identify qualified project leads.

The robust and efficient software captures criteria to generate leads in your industry or trade in your geographic location, making you the first to identify qualified homeowner project leads, eliminating time-consuming hours planning and organizing prospect outreach.

Local Leads 365 offers data accuracy in lead generation with an easy, streamlined process for real-time marketing, 365 days a year, so prospecting is easy and profitable. You no longer have to worry that leads are outdated.

First to Know: – You input the criteria for your ideal prospect. The program displays the most relevant leads in a work list that allows you to begin prospecting. Once identified, these leads are brought to you on an unlimited, daily basis. You are notified as soon as new homes are closed on the market, for example.

First to Act: – With leads generated and posted every day, you will know when a homeowner applied for a permit to build an addition on their home.

Easy Marketing: – With this valuable information about upcoming homeowner projects, you don’t have to think about the next step. Marketing to a prospect is one easy click away, to produce a customized letter or sell sheet. In this way, you make a real impact by effortlessly offering your specialty to a homeowner

Easy Follow-Up: – Keeping track of prospecting is important to time management success. Local Leads 365 provides you with proven marketing campaigns to follow-up and close more business.