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Local Leads 365 is the most up-to-date new mover database offering property insights and owner information on new residential and commercial real estate transactions, all within 24 hours of closing.

Your new mover marketing can’t afford to wait:


New property owners are 5x more likely to become long-term customers with the company that reaches them first


The average American household receives 454 pieces of marketing mail each year. Don’t get lost in the shuffle, be the first.

Why You Should Say Hello to Local Leads 365:

New homeowners prefer those who reach them first. With next day access to data, Local Leads 365 can help you be the first
Breadth & Depth
Our data goes beyond just names and addresses, you can also receive other valuable data relevant to the service or good that you are selling, i.e., heating type
Our database is designed by small business owners for small business owners. Our goal is to save your staff both time and energy
We are here to not only provide you with new business leads but to assist in providing you with new marketing opportunities